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Kuca Design, an Istanbul-based interior design firm, specializes in personalizing and making living spaces comfortable. The company serves individual clients, residences, villas, and mansions. Catering especially to foreign clients, Kuca Design approaches each project with care and passion, maintaining constant communication with clients to create personalized and comfortable living spaces.

Kuca Design aims to inspire new luxury homeowners and anyone looking to personalize their living spaces by offering a variety of projects and articles. The company's vision is to connect with everyone who wants to design their life, and its mission is to create ergonomic, comfortable, and sustainable spaces based on the right needs for each project.

The website focuses on project diversity and concepts, providing information on the latest trends and innovative approaches in interior design. Kuca Design is particularly active on Instagram, attracting traffic mainly through organic searches and interior design requests. The company continuously improves the user experience by utilizing feedback and offers the best in rendering, design, and turnkey projects.

Short-term goals include expanding the client network, delivering sustainable new projects, and increasing market share. In the long term, Kuca Design aims to become a leading international architecture firm, taking on hotel, residential, mansion, and office projects.

Kuca Design was established by Burak Asker and Çağla Asker in 2015. The firm has elevated its experience to the global market with the help of significant projects in the local market. Kuca Design's signed projects include countries such as the United States, Russia, Bulgaria, England, the United Arab Emirates, and Northern Iraq. Through the innovative projects completed in these countries, Kuca Design offers a comfortable and ergonomic living environment to both the business world and individual users.

Burak Asker

Burak Asker studied Interior Architecture as well as Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Maltepe University. Between 2012 - 2019; He has carried out various projects in the fields of design, manufacturing and consultancy in shipbuilding, shopping mall, hospital, office and housing sectors. In 2015, he founded Kuca Design in partnership with Çağla Asker.

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Çağla Asker

Çağla Asker studied Interior Architecture at Karadeniz Technical University and Interior Design at Hochschule Coburg. Between 2010 and 2015, she carried out various projects in the design sectors of hotels, offices, residences and public areas. In 2015, he founded Kuca Design in partnership with Burak Asker.



Everyone who wants to design their life, will connect with Kuca Design one day.



At Kuca Design, by determining the right needs for each project, ergonomic, comfortable and sustainable spaces are created that are far from conventional phenomena, connecting with life.

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